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For the Love of Pancake

Flipping my pancake over, my heart melts with joy just like butter does when it's heated. Am making plans on how to get a good treat from this breakfast choice. Actually, Jayden made the choice. He's been going on and on about pancake for school in the last three weeks that I finally promised him on Friday that I would see to it that he takes pancake to school on Monday. And so here I am mixing and frying and the aroma filling up the entire apartment.... hmmmmmm! it's an incomparable experience.
I have always seen pancake as a special treat since it was an occasional treat in my home when I was growing up. So whenever it surfaced in our menu we made plans on how best to divulge every bit of it. I can still remember the process we used in preparing pancake back in school during our practical class. Then sugar and fresh lime juice were sprinkled on the pancake after frying. I wondered why but I would choose today's recipe over my school days recipe.
I filled Jayden'…

Reducing Calorie intake with Water

Hello my fab readers.... it's another interesting week. The year is still fresh and most people if not everyone are doing all they can to keep to their new year resolutions. Like we all know, change is difficult but it's the one thing that is constant in life.
The pursuit for beauty isn't just about our fabulous make-up or sexy out fit. It also includes how we feel inside. It's not all about being thin but also about being healthy. It's a fact that cutting down on our calorie intake can go along way to keep us healthy and beautiful. So if you are one of those that have taken the decision to live healthy in 2016, join us as we share tips/ideas on the best way to achieve our dreams.

My 3year old son came home from school one day and said mum I have a surprise for you and like most mothers I asked what it was. And excitedly he recites... " water is a colorless substance needed by all living things". wow... that was quite a surprise. Water is needed by all li…

Macaroni Twist

Hello my fab readers, it's another beautiful day(wednesday) and the hustle and bustle begins yet again. My sympathy goes to those that live in cities like Lagos and port harcourt, I can't imagine what it feels like getting stock in traffic most mornings and evenings. Una dey try o.
Anyways; today's dish is for those that do not have sufficient time to prepare those wonderful and time consuming delicacies for breaskfast before rushing out for the days' work/activities. Bread&tea, omelets, noodles, oats, cereals etc have been served in most homes for breakfast because of how easy it is to prepare. I remember back in the days when I was in Lagos, most mothers fill their children's lunch box with iya basira and Co delicacies. I've always wondered if they considered the health implication of feeding their children foods from those bookers, some of them have their kiosk set up right over the gutters filled with disease causing bacteria and fungi but who am I to j…

My Simple Water Yam Porridge

Hello everyone.... so it's just 4 days to Christmas, lots of activities going on. Preparations here and there. Even the atmosphere feels different too. At this part of the world it's hot, dusty and dry but still loving it because now I can wash and not bother about how long it's gonna take for my clothes to
Today am sharing with you my simple water yam porridge which is called edikaekwo here in Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria. It's one of the wonderful delicacies enjoyed by the southerners. Though my version of this delicacy is a lot simpler and cheap too. With the hike in prices of goods you can prepare this meal with as little as N500.... hahahaha... N500 is that little .
I forgot to take a picture of my water yam before peeling so I got this unpeeled water yam picture online. Sorry about that. The quantity I bought from the market was like 2 out of the 3 displayed here and it cost me N200

So let's get started. Things you need to prepare your simple water ya…

Coconut Oil and Its Benefit

Hello my fab readers..... how is everyone doing? Hmmmmmm for me my entire 2nd week of February was filled with chores. From this to that and when weekend came I thought here comes the time to relax since I won't be waking up early to prepare my son for school but, I couldn't imagine how wrong I was. Even the Val's day (14th Feb) passed me by. Anyway.... they say Love has no special day so I guess I could still catch up.
Today I bring you this beauty regime/recipe. The COCONUT OIL. The beauty regime/recipe has been in use for thousands of years. Coconut oil is also an edible oil and it's known to help in treating a whole lot of diseases including the recent research which claims that virgin coconut oil normalizes blood sugar levels for diabetes either type 1 or type 2. This research is still ongoing oooo.

Anyways.... today am sharing with you some of the great benefits of adding coconut oil to your beauty regime.
Coconut oil helps:
1) to straighten the hair follicles

Simple Body Butter and Lotion

One of the things we women have in common is the desire to polish our skin. We all want to look our best and feel as good as possible and this we do by searching for the best creams, oils, body butters etc in the market. No matter how expensive or inexpensive our choice of product is, they all do share some common recipes and those recipes when used in their natural state tend to give us the best result.
The chemicals found in most of our commercial skin-care& hair products a lot of times leave us with damaged skin& hair due to the harshness of the chemicals. Just like detoxification of our body there are times when our skin and scalp/hair needs to replenish it's lost nutrients and heal itself of all the damages it's endured over time. One of the best way to help our skin heal is to feed it with natural and nutritious recipes. These are some of the recipes we will be looking into today.
For centuries coconut oil and shea butter have found their way to the top most rec…

My Kernel and Coconut Oil

Hello fabbies.... welcome to 2017. So this is my first post this year and am hoping it's worth it.
You might have observed that am very adventurous, I love trying out new things and that's one of the ways I make my daily lifestyle interesting.
We all know about the oil extracted from the palm kernel meat, that's after its gone through the entire process of extracting the red oil from the palm fruit. The palm kernel shell serves a whole lot of purpose and the palm kernel meat is not left out either. If you are from this part of the world am sure you've used the black oil extracted from the palm kernel meat or you might have heard of it and it's benefit.
This black oil has been used over centuries to treat/prevent high fever in children. It's also used to treat cold and it's also a very moisturizer when mixed with coconut oil during the harmattan season.