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For the Love of Pancake

Flipping my pancake over, my heart melts with joy just like butter does when it's heated. Am making plans on how to get a good treat from this breakfast choice. Actually, Jayden made the choice. He's been going on and on about pancake for school in the last three weeks that I finally promised him on Friday that I would see to it that he takes pancake to school on Monday. And so here I am mixing and frying and the aroma filling up the entire apartment.... hmmmmmm! it's an incomparable experience.
I have always seen pancake as a special treat since it was an occasional treat in my home when I was growing up. So whenever it surfaced in our menu we made plans on how best to divulge every bit of it. I can still remember the process we used in preparing pancake back in school during our practical class. Then sugar and fresh lime juice were sprinkled on the pancake after frying. I wondered why but I would choose today's recipe over my school days recipe.
I filled Jayden's lunch box with slices of Pancake and boy..... was he glad! I enjoyed mine with a hot cup of coffee like i've always done over the years. You might be thinking am a lover of food... who isn't? I love good food let's forget the calories for while. Come to think of it since the whole calorie awareness campaign began people hardly eat healthy. While in search of good foods with less calories we've found ourselves consuming only God knows what. Anyway that's a topic for another day, for today I just want sit back and enjoy my delicious breakfast(pancake & hot coffee).
When Jayden came back from school he requested for more and I had to give him the last one I kept for him. As he chewed, he announced..... mummy this is yummy.... I like it. mummy you are my best friend. All, For The Love Of Pancake... lol!


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