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Macaroni Twist

Hello my fab readers, it's another beautiful day(wednesday) and the hustle and bustle begins yet again. My sympathy goes to those that live in cities like Lagos and port harcourt, I can't imagine what it feels like getting stock in traffic most mornings and evenings. Una dey try o.
Anyways; today's dish is for those that do not have sufficient time to prepare those wonderful and time consuming delicacies for breaskfast before rushing out for the days' work/activities. Bread&tea, omelets, noodles, oats, cereals etc have been served in most homes for breakfast because of how easy it is to prepare. I remember back in the days when I was in Lagos, most mothers fill their children's lunch box with iya basira and Co delicacies. I've always wondered if they considered the health implication of feeding their children foods from those bookers, some of them have their kiosk set up right over the gutters filled with disease causing bacteria and fungi but who am I to judge??? Na condition make crayfish bend.
Here is our macaroni twixt recipe which can be prepared within 30mins. This is great for breakfast and even dinner and you can also add it to your childs' lunch box. It's affordable and easy to prepare. So let's get started.
500g of macaroni twixt (I use golden penny)
3 big balls of fresh tomatoes(chopped)

2tbsp red bell pepper (paste)

1big ball onion(chopped)

2 large piece of carrot(chopped)

2tbsp of crayfish(blended)
Seasoning cube

Vegetable oil(1cooking spoon)

Salt to taste. Please use less salt in your cookings.
Hot water(boiled) store in a hot water flask to retain it's temperature.
Add 2ltr of water to your pot and place on the cooker, allow water to boil.
Now pour in your macaroni twixt, add 1 tsp of salt and cover, allow to simmer for 3-5mins
Empty your pot into a sieve and run tap water over your macaroni to cool it.
Place your empty pot back on the cooker to dry out
Add your veg. Oil allow to heat up a bit then add your tomatoes, onion, a pitch of salt. Allow to simmer for about 5mins
Add your macaroni twixt, pepper, seasoning, spices, a little salt, crayfish, hot water

Your macaroni and water should be on the same level, you don't want to end up with macaroni twixt pudding.... lol
Allow to cook for 10mins
Taste for salt
Add your chopped carrot.
Cooked for 3min more and turn off your cooker
You need to stir your macaroni twixt from time to time but do it gently so as not to squash it.

It's ready.
Serve with boiled egg, chicken, beef, fish.... whatever works for you.
Enjoy your delicious macaroni twist with carrot.
Thank you for reading, see you soon.
PS: do not forget to leave your comment at the comment box below... xoxo


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