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My DIY Akara.... Hups!!!

Hello everyone.... today am sharing with you the mistake I made preparing my bean cake (Akara) for breakfast on Saturday. No matter how good you are at something, there's always a downside to not doing it regularly.
I woke up very excited because I had planned all week to serve my DIY bean cake(Akara) with quaker oat for breakfast on Saturday. So I had to wash the beans to remove the skin/coat and I went ahead to grind the beans with my blender after I was done washing. While grinding I realized my bean batter wasn't blending/grinding as expected and I had to keep adding more water to keep my blender from clogging even though I knew I was not suppose to. At a point I decided to use my bean puree like that since I was not getting the smoothness I wanted. I turned my bean puree into my mortar and realize I didn't pound my onion and chili. What a disaster. I had to then grate my onion and use dry powder chili instead of the fresh habanero chili. By the time I finished mixing, my oil was hot enough to start frying. I added my salt, stirred and went ahead to start frying without tasting for salt. And by the time my first badge was ready I realized I needed more salt. I went ahead to add a little more,mixed and fried. After the second badge I realized I needed even more salt. By the third round I got it right but then I already had two badges of tasteless bean cake(Akara). Quite a morning right?
Oh did I tell you the last time I served my DIY bean cake(Akara) was 1999? That's almost 17yrs ago. You can imagine how young I was then. But that's quite a long time for me to have expected to get such a fab result. Anyways; I still served it that way with lots of apologies. What was I suppose to do?
What I should have done.
* After washing the beans, I should have allowed it sit in water for about 1-2hrs so as to soften before grinding/blending
* I should have pounded or chopped my onion and chili before adding my beans puree to the mortar
* I should have tasted for salt before I started frying.
I have learned my lesson and am sure it will turn out better next time. I'll definitely share my next experience with you all.... Again!
Thank you for reading, i'll love to read your DIY mistakes too so do not hesitate to share your experience with us.


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