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Purposeful Life.

Hello fam.... How are y'all doing today?

I want to share this with y'all and I pray it blesses someone. Am not sure what title fits it best so I will leave you to decide.
When people say, “Everything is quiet and safe,” then suddenly destruction will hit them! It will come as suddenly as the pains that come upon a woman in labour, and people will not escape.
1 Thessalonians 5:3 GNB
I had so many thoughts running around in my mind as I went about preparing my children for school today but finally my mind settled on this thought. How aware are we of our surrounding? How aware are we of things going on in our lives? Are we aware of some of the things we are up against even when all seem well? Have we made God part of our daily lives?

When it seem like all is well, when it seem like you have all you need and have no reason to worry, when it seem like you are where you want to be in life at the exact moment you desired it, so you are on the right track, not having experienced the setbacks and hindrances others experience, do you still seek God earnestly?

(Take a second look at the scripture above)

I have heard how sudden certain diseases and deaths have occurred in the lives of so many people. I have had a first hand experience of what people tag sudden death but looking back now I have come to realize that what we tag sudden isn't really sudden.

Be alert, be on the watch! Your enemy, the Devil, roams round like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.
1 Peter 5:8 GNB

We all crave for peace in life. We all desire to live life not wanting or struggling in anyway which often happen at one point or the other but, where do we put God? Someone once shared a story with me about a couple who had everything going for them. They had money more than they needed, their children were born healthy, you could simply put it that they were blessed and then suddenly the man was diagnosed with kidney failure then other issues followed. They are still alive, trusting God for help and sustainance as the day goes by,  but can't really explain how they got to where they are today. There have been so many stories like this and one question keeps popping up in my mind, when the days are good, when we have little or nothing to worry about, when the sky above us is blue, when we can sit peacefully and watch the sun set, where exactly do we put God?

Have we noticed that we tend to seek God more when we are in some kind of trouble, go to churches today most people are there to get one sought of help or the other, and as soon as their needs are met you don't see them again till the next challenge arises.

Jesus said, “There were ten men who were healed; where are the other nine?
Luke 17:17 GNB. When God blesses us and the going is good, it's not a time to relent in our walk with God. It's not the time to lay up our beds and go to sleep. We might think that we've gotten to the peak of our careers, businesses and all but the Bible clearly states that the devil is going to and fro seeking for whom he may devour.

When he came back to his disciples, he found them sound asleep. He said to Peter, “Can’t you stick it out with me a single hour? Stay alert; be in prayer so you don’t wander into temptation without even knowing you’re in danger. There is a part of you that is eager, ready for anything in God. But there’s another part that’s as lazy as an old dog sleeping by the fire.”
Matthew 26:40‭-‬41 MSG. Here Peter and his fellow disciples didn't see any reason to pray because the master(Jesus) was still with them. They had absolutely nothing to worry about but Jesus who knew what's ahead wanted them to be at alert. As Christians, as believers, as Purpose_filled beings we need to be at alert(spiritually & physically) knowing that the days are evil so we are not taken by sudden.

Seek God even when you are enjoying a bountiful harvest. Seek God from your place of rest not only when the tide is high. May God help us all as we seek him more in Jesus name.. Amen.
Ultimate: Purpose_filled being.
Please invite others to join us as we make generational impacts.


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