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Reducing Calorie intake with Water

Hello my fab readers.... it's another interesting week. The year is still fresh and most people if not everyone are doing all they can to keep to their new year resolutions. Like we all know, change is difficult but it's the one thing that is constant in life.
The pursuit for beauty isn't just about our fabulous make-up or sexy out fit. It also includes how we feel inside. It's not all about being thin but also about being healthy. It's a fact that cutting down on our calorie intake can go along way to keep us healthy and beautiful. So if you are one of those that have taken the decision to live healthy in 2016, join us as we share tips/ideas on the best way to achieve our dreams.

My 3year old son came home from school one day and said mum I have a surprise for you and like most mothers I asked what it was. And excitedly he recites... " water is a colorless substance needed by all living things". wow... that was quite a surprise. Water is needed by all living things. From human to animal, plant, etc. Water is extensively useful in our daily lives. But there is still more; water can help us cut down our calories, detoxify our system and loose some fat. In general water can help us achieve a healthy lifestyle.
Let's take a look into some of the advantages of drinking water:
Drinking 1-2 glass of water before meal can help us eat less there by reducing our calorie intake.
Taking sips of water while eating also helps reduce the amount of food we eat during each meal time.
Drinking 1-2 glass of water also helps reduce the hunger pang and cravings. It flushes out toxins and aids digestion. It also helps proper circulation.

Drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning is another excellent way to start your day. It boosts your metabolism and help loosen your joints. If you can squeeze in some fresh lemon juice into your warm water; Pish....... there you go. Excellent.
When we introduce our bodies/system to new routines there are bound to be some challenges/reactions. One persons response /reaction might differ from the next. If you experience stomach upset or discomfort the first time you drink your early morning water it's nothing to worry about. Just ensure your water is warm and do not rush it. Take your time and after a few days you would notice that the discomfort is gone.
Also drinking water well into the night can impact your sleep negatively considering our brain/body needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night. So it's advice able to reduce our water intake from 6pm. That would help us reduce the no: of times we'll have to go ease ourselves during the night. If you plan on drinking as much as 2L of water each day, great! Just ensure that you are done with over 75% of it by 6pm and you are good.
Enjoy your new routine fabulous people and thanks for stopping by.
Until next time.... #staybeautiful.


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