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Why should we pray

Why should we pray?

Life is a journey,  everyone is on transit.  As we travel down the path set before us, we have no idea what is ahead.
Our journey are in phases and at each phase there are challenges, we must make choices & decisions as we go along. The choices & decisions we make determines what lies  ahead for us.
On a journey where there are consequences for every action you take, how do you ensure you arrive at the right destination?  Yes! The right destination where you receive a glorious reward for a job Weldon. A destination where eternal life with Christ is sure......
We were called to take this journey for a purpose, the one who has called us is ever ready to lead the way. We do not have to travel this path alone and this is the reason to pray.
Prayer keeps us connected to our God, prayer ensures we stay focused. Prayer clears the path for us and propels us into a future with certainty.
Pray in all season and see God move the heavens for you.
God bless you.
Yours Nabbyhubplus.


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